Naked Club: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story


High school is finally out for the summer. Fifteen-year-old, bisexual Carlos falls in love with Eddie, a cute muscular boy and new friend. What mischief and mayhem do the boys cause?


Naked Club
A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story

By Maxwell Carlsen

Copyright 2018 Maxwell Carlsen
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Chapter 1

May 1989

Carlos showed off to Eddie, "I think I’m gonna get all As except for one B in Advanced English," as he wiped sweat from his forehead. The school bus didn’t have air conditioning, and it was a scorching Arizona day, the last day of school for the summer. The bus was overfilled, with all seats having three students and some even having four students. Eddie was sitting against the window, Carlos in the middle, and Brett, a tall kid at the end.

"You’re smart. I’m not good at English or math. I flunked Algebra first semester—and have to take it again next year. Math sucks, big time," Eddie explained, "But I’m going to get an A in Auto Mechanics and in Woodshop."

He is beautiful, Carlos thought, He is an angel. My body is so close to his muscular arms and I'm gonna feel his teenage mustache against my lips. Oh, look at his cute dimples when he smiles. He had fallen in love. He had known he was bisexual since junior high, when he’d turned thirteen. In the fall, Carlos and Eddie would be sophomores.

Carlos said, "I’m not any smarter than you; it’s just that my parents, especially my mother, push my sister and me to get all As and to take the hardest classes. She’s from Mexico and crossed the border as an illegal alien when she was twenty-one, because life was very rough for her there. She had nothing in Mexico. That’s why she’s an attorney today: she took advantage of a better situation in America."

"Your mom is an illegal?" Eddie asked, raising his eyebrows surprised and revealing his cute dimples again. "Really? Why doesn’t she become a citizen?" Eddie asked, "Aren’t you worried about her being thrown out of the country?"

"I’m only joshing, dude. My mom emigrated legally," Carlos explained, "Hey, my dad's out of town for the next few days at a conference in Los Angeles," Carlos said. Carlos knew that his mom would be at work and his sister was going to a friend’s house tomorrow. They’d be all alone and left to their own devices. Carlos planned to find out if Eddie was gay.

"We're sophomores. Officially, now," Eddie said making Carlos feel his chest whirl with love.

We're young men, Carlos reminded himself, And will drive soon.

"I'm gonna get my license in six months," Carlos explained, "I can't wait to drive to school instead of taking the stupid school bus."

"Yeah, I can't wait. Then you can drive us, until February, when I get mine."

I'm bisexual, Carlos thought, I won't have sex with Mindy, he knew hoping she'd forgive him, She's gotten over me. Carlos felt a little sad knowing he had hurt her by breaking up a month ago.

I can't do it, with Mindy likes she wants, Carlos knew, Eddie's must be gay, Carlos wondered, he never checks out hot girls, Carlos remembered when he started to hang out with him after he broke up with Mindy. Eddie's an angel, Carlos knew as his heart fluttered for Eddie's love in return. I hope he falls in love, and we make out, Carlos felt horny wondering about, I hope we go for it, and do everything gay lovers do, he felt his penis harden even more, almost hurting him and making him want to relieve his sexual tension by going for it all the way with Eddie or by masturbating to Eddie.

"Next year, I’m taking Debate," Carlos said, "so I can learn how to argue and win."

"I’m gonna be in Home Economics, so I can be around all of the girls, I hope. I’ve heard that babes like that class. A lot of girls take it," Eddie said. His comment reminded Carlos about Mindy and how she phoned every weekend because she was still interested in him. She had taken Home Economics in junior high and their freshman year.

"Yeah. You'll lose your virginity anally," Carlos joked.

Carlos wanted to lose his virginity to a young handsome man. He wanted a gay lover who, among many things, had a nice ass. I’m gonna go for it with Eddie’s virgin ass, Carlos thought. Eddie had a small ass because he was so fit.

That’s when it was Carlos’s stop which there was a short walk down the street to his house. He and Eddie moved into the aisle.
Before he took a step forward, Lisa jumped into the aisle in front of him, bent over with her legs spread, and said, "Come and get it, Carlos, cutie."

Everyone broke out laughing, except for the bus driver, who was watching the commotion in the rearview mirror. "Sit back down," he shouted in his raspy voice.

Carlos’s stomach fell to the floor, and he felt his face turn red. It was no secret that Lisa had had the hots for him since elementary school.

Laughing, he said, "Not in a million years. Not in a million years, bitch. Get out of my way." Carlos wanted to give Eddie hints that he wasn't going to have a straight relationship, and now Lisa was ruining it. She is acting like a total slut, Carlos thought, Now Eddie's gonna think I want to bang her! Carlos regret her actions toward him and wanted her to shut her big mouth. Shut your mother-fucking donkey mouth, Carlos thought wanting to use ESP to communicate with her somehow, he imagined joking with himself.

She sat back in her seat and winked at Carlos as he walked past. All he could think about was how repulsive she was. He still remembered her having bad breath the few times they had talked. That bitch had embarrassed him on purpose. He was glad he’d been mean to her.

Carlos and Eddie stepped off the bus. Lisa squeezed past two girls in the seat and stuck her face sideways out the window. "F-off," Eddie shouted up at the window as he gave Lisa the middle finger.

"She’s in love, Carlos! Go for it, dude. Go for it," Eddie joked.

Carlos laughed, slapping his leg twice.

"She’s in heat," Eddie added, making Carlos feel less embarrassed as he watched the bus drive away.

Eddie whistled as they walked. "You live in a nice neighborhood. The homes are so nice and huge. What do your parents do, again?"

"My mom’s an attorney and my dad, an architect," Carlos reminded him.

"My family lives in a dinky three-bedroom house—and I have four siblings: three brothers and one sister," Eddie said sounding jealous.

"Look at that saguaro," Carlos said trying to lessen Eddie's jealousy, pointing between two houses as they walked. "It looks like a dude with a penis both in front and on his back. Doesn’t it?"

"Cool. You’ve got a backwards fucker in your neighborhood," Eddie said, smirking and shaking his head.

Carlos took a moment to admire his dimples, then said, "Some saguaros are over two-hundred years old—that means they first grew in 1789, when George Washington was president and Indians lived here."

"I'm related to George Washington. Didn't I already tell you. Isn't that cool?" Eddie said.

Carlos nodded and scratched his head and said, "My Nonna and Nonno were born in Italy, so I’m half Italian and half Hispanic." He didn’t like being part Hispanic. He knew a lot of people didn’t like people who had darker skin. His skin was light, though, like his mother’s and sister’s.

"You’re half Italian and half Mexican, so that’s why your eyes are brown—because you’re full of shit," Eddie joked. "You’re just full of shit, dude."

"My brown eyes are attractive," Carlos bragged, "Mindy loves them. That's what she used to tell me." Secretly, he was jealous of Eddie’s blond hair and baby blue eyes.

"So am I," Eddie said. "I’m full of blue skies."

Carlos giggled.

Dripping with sweat, they finally reached Carlos’s house. Carlos unlocked the door.

Anna, Carlos’s twelve-year-old sister, put down the novel she had been reading on the kitchen counter. She sat at one of eight tall bar stools along the counter. Carlos tugged on her long ponytail. "Quit it," she asked nicely.

"Hi," Anna chimed. "What’s your name?"

"I’m Eddie," he said, shaking her hand.

"I’m Anna. I'm starting seventh grade next year," she replied with a big smile.

"Cool. You'll love it, especially when you get a boyfriend," Eddie said revealing his dimples, "You'll fall in love," he said.

"Thank you," she winked smiling as Carlos frowned because he was worried about his sister and boys.

"Your house is huge," Eddie praised. "I could easily live here. The ceiling is so high," he said.

Carlos suddenly felt bad as he stood in the foyer, because Eddie’s family didn’t have as nice of a place to live. Why can't every teenager live like Anna and me? Carlos thought.

"I'm going to eat some left over pizza. Want some?" Carlos asked, "It's pepperoni and Canadian bacon."

"Thank you."

Carlos, Eddie and Anna ate left-over pizza, and each drank a Jolt cola, making them high on caffeine and sugar.

"Those Metzgers are assholes," Eddie said. "That son and his dumb-ass dad."

"I agree," Carlos said, as Anna continued to read her book at the kitchen counter.

"Who are they?" Anna asked.

"They're those Neo-Nazi fuckups on Geraldo about a year ago. Remember, when there was a brawl on the show when Innis, the black guy got close to that Metzger kid and the other Neo-Nazi's on stage attacked Innis and Geraldo got his nose broken," Eddie said.

"The older Metzger, the father wasn't on that show, from what I remember," Carlos said, "It was just the son and a bunch of other Neo-Nazi's and there was Innis, who stood up for himself. Metzger called him an Uncle Tom."

Anna said, "I remember. It was all over the news."

"The father and son I saw on TV recently. Two Neo-Nazi assholes. I wish they’d get their asses kicked," Eddie said. "They’re idiots."

Carlos knew Eddie was trying to make up for having offended him about the comment about his brown eyes. Eddie kept speaking, but Carlos lost track of the conversation. He was admiring Eddie’s blue eyes and his skin, which was so fair and smooth and beautiful. Carlos envisioned Eddie’s muscular arms around him as they were lying in Carlos’s bed.

Carlos led Eddie to his bedroom down a long hallway. He's so cute, Carlos thought really liking the fact that the boy he was in love with was going to where he slept. He's so hot. I want to fuck him up his tight asshole, good, he thought as he adjusted his shorts as his penis throbbed.

In his bedroom as Eddie sat on Carlos's bed, Carlos felt his anus tingle and his penis felt like thrusting up Eddie's ass for a long time to get his semen out. Carlos couldn't wait to make love.

Carlos tried to get his mind off of Eddie's handsome body. Carlos calmed down not wanting to make his move until they were all alone. They played video games on Carlos’s Nintendo game system. Carlos felt his chest tingle because the boy he loved was in his bedroom having a fun time with him. He wanted Eddie to be happy and to love him back, but how? Gay people weren’t accepted by many people. The kids at school could never know about Carlos’s sexuality; if they found out, he might have to drop out of school! Then he wouldn’t be able to see Eddie, even as friends. And how would he ever get into Harvard if he had to drop out?

Anna knocked on the door. "Mom's here," she said and Carlos led Eddie to the kitchen.

Carlos's home life would be miserable if his family knew his sexuality; his mother didn’t want him to be gay. At Carlos’s thirteenth birthday party, he made a joke about gay people, and his mother expressed her disapproval of homosexuality. Carlos didn’t remember the joke, but he remembered her telling him that she and his father wanted him to marry a woman, and not a man. He still remembered feeling humiliated in front of his friends.

Carlos remembered his girlfriend telling him about a boy at another school being beaten up by a crowd of boys who hated gay people. The homosexual boy confided to a friend about his sexuality, and the friend, another boy told everyone at school.

These were worries for another day. For now, he would just keep his secret and hope for the best.

Carlos hugged his mom. "Hi," he said, and she hugged him back, holding him tightly for a second or two.

"Hi, ma’am," Eddie said with a happy smile. Carlos's family life was full of love, too.

Carlos introduced them.

"Do you guys want takeout?" his mom asked. "Anything you guys want, we’ll get—as long as it’s not too far to drive."

"What would you like?" Carlos asked Eddie.

"We can leave it up to Anna," he replied.

"Thank you. You’re a true gentleman," she said. "Let’s get McDonald’s. I want to get a Happy Meal."

The gang went out to the car.

"A brand new Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham," Eddie said, "It's even still got the window sticker," he said. "I love it."

"Thank you very much," Carlos's mom replied, "I'm glad you like it."

Anna was in the front passenger seat and Carlos and Eddie in the back.

"Your mom’s car is so cool," Eddie said. "It even has a gold hood ornament. I’d love to drive it, when I get my license," he said, making a joke.

"Oh, no, Eddie. I don’t need any fender-benders on my pride and joy," she replied with a smile.

At the restaurant, the boys each ordered a burger with French fries, Anna ordered a Happy Meal, replete with a toy, and Mrs. Romano had a chicken sandwich. Carlos also got a strawberry shake, and Eddie and Anna each got a chocolate shake. Then, they carried their food outside and piled in the Cadillac.

"It won’t start," Carlos’s mom said after turning the ignition several times. "And your father’s out of town. Damn it!"

"Don’t worry, Mrs. Romano. I’ll take a look at it if you’d like. I took auto mechanics at school. It’s probably just the battery," Eddie said. "Pop the hood."

Mrs. Romano popped the hood, and everyone got out.

After locating the latch, Eddie opened the hood. Then, he checked the battery terminal cables. Eddie's ass must be tight, Carlos wondered, I'd love to fuck him right now.

"Ah-ha!" he said. "It’s a loose positive cable." He smiled as he straightened. "Do you have any tools in the trunk? Like a ratchet or wrench?"

Eddie's like a real mechanic, Carlos thought, Good.

"Yes," Carlos said. He pulled a red metal tool box out of the trunk, and then set it down near his friend. Eddie looked through, found a socket, and used the ratchet to tighten the cable.

He can work on my car if or when it breaks down, Carlos knew hoping he'd be able to drive Eddie to and from school when he got his driver's license.

"Try it now," he suggested with a big smile. "It should start."

Mrs. Romano reached inside and turned the ignition. The car started.

"Thank you, Eddie! Carlos and Anna are going to take that auto class that you took," she announced, looking at her children.

Soon, they were all on their way home.

"I'm going to take Auto Mechanics. Maybe, our junior year," Carlos explained to Eddie.

"You'll be able to fix your own car," Eddie said, "And for the class, you can bring your own car in to work on."

"Cool," Carlos said, "I'd like to do that."

"Yeah, I'm going to change the oil when or if I get a car. My parents might not be able to afford one. My parents have a hard time paying the bills sometimes," Eddie said, "We often go without air conditioning and use our swamp cooler because it's cheaper to run," Eddie explained.

Halfway down La Cañada Drive, Mrs. Romano glanced in the rearview mirror and slowed the car.

"Why are you sitting so close to Eddie?" she asked. "Are you gay?" she accused.

"No," Carlos blurted in surprise. He scooted away from Eddie.

Eddie was silent.

Anna whirled around from the front seat and told Eddie, "I’m reading the Diary of Anne Frank. It’s a good book, about a girl, her family, and some others who go into hiding from the Nazis during World War II because they’re Jewish."

"It sounds like an informative story. Do you know that some people, like Neo-Nazis, say that the Holocaust never happened?" Eddie told her. "Isn’t that ridiculous? And you can take that from a true blond-haired and blue-eyed dude, who hates Nazis."

"They’re stupid," Anna said. "They’re so insensitive," she added.

"Yeah, I saw that Metzger kid and his buddies on Geraldo. It’s a shame that Innis didn’t give both of them a black eye and broken nose."

"Yeah, I agree," Carlos said.

Even his mom nodded and said, "They’re idiots."

Once they arrived at the house, Carlos, Eddie, and Anna ate in the backyard at the lawn table.

"Look what I got," Anna said, pulling her prize out of the bag and showing Eddie and Carlos. "It’s Garfield riding a scooter!" she said with a wide smile about the McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that she received.

"That’s neat." Eddie smiled.

"Cool," Carlos said.

"Your pool is awesome," Eddie said to Carlos. "I can’t believe it has a slide and a diving board!" He smiled, hoping to swim soon.
"Yeah, it’s all right," Carlos said. He didn’t want to show off too much and make Eddie feel jealous. But then, if Eddie were gay or bisexual, maybe he’d like Carlos even more because of his family’s wealth, like most people might. Maybe, Eddie will love our money and not me for who I am, Carlos wondered. Carlos knew he was attractive; he hoped Eddie would be attracted to him like Lisa was.

After they finished their dinner and shakes, the boys played more video games in Carlos’s bedroom until bedtime. Carlos and Eddie were allowed to stay up later in Carlos’s room as long as they were quiet.

Chapter 2

Carlos and Eddie changed into their boxers. Carlos tilted his head as he watched Eddie remove his shirt, revealing his muscular arms and chest. Carlos also liked Eddie’s hairy legs. They played another video game. Carlos had to adjust his boxers several times because his penis kept creeping out.

He couldn’t just do nothing. He had to say something.

"Do you jack off?" Carlos asked quietly. When he was met with silence, he prodded, "Do you?"

Eddie laughed. "Of course, I do. Why?" Eddie gazed into Carlos’s brown eyes for a second.

"How about . . . we do it?" Carlos glanced at Eddie’s handsome chest, then lifted his gaze; he didn’t want Eddie to notice him checking him out.

Eddie grinned. "Okay."

Carlos and Eddie removed their boxers and got on their knees next to each other. Carlos throbbed at the sight of Eddie’s body. He loved seeing Eddie’s erect penis and testicles.

Carlos finished practically before Eddie even got started. He had never jacked off with anyone until now. Carlos really wanted to see Eddie’s anus, but he didn’t want to reveal his sexuality—at least not yet, anyway. He didn’t know if he would muster the courage to ever do so.

Then, they went to bed. Eddie slept in Carlos’s sleeping bag on the floor. Carlos loved being alone with Eddie. The smell of semen filled the air. Carlos held his pillow, wishing Eddie was in his bed with him—wishing that Eddie loved him as much as he loved Eddie.

Chapter 3

In the morning, Carlos’s mom woke up the boys and Anna early for a breakfast of eggs, sausage, and hash browns, replete with fresh biscuits baked that morning.

"Please rinse your dishes and utensils and put them into the dishwasher after you’re finished," his mom said. "Okay?"

"Yes, Mom," Carlos said as he chewed a mouthful of scrambled eggs. "Yes," Eddie replied.

"Before work, I’m dropping off Anna at Michelle’s house for the day. I expect you to behave and not cause me any grief, especially with your father away. Understood, young man?"

"We promise," Carlos said. Soon after, his mother and sister left.

Eddie gulped his second glass of orange juice as Carlos finished the last of his sausage.

"Does your mom always make you guys breakfast before work?" Eddie asked chewing a bite of biscuit drenched in butter.

"No. It's because you're here. My sister and I usually make our own."

After they finished, Carlos and Eddie went to Carlos’s bedroom to change into their swimsuits.

"The way I see it," Eddie said, undressing, "your mom’s Cadillac is what you’ll probably drive when you get your permit, and she’ll get a new one." He removed his boxers, revealing his erect penis. Carlos tried not to stare as he undressed and they put on their swimsuits.

"Let me show you what I would be driving if it was restored," Carlos said. "Put on your shoes."

He led Eddie to the side of the house and behind the three-car garage, and then showed Eddie a medium blue 1965 Mustang convertible.

"My dad bought it last month, but he’s not certain if we’re going to restore it ourselves, or if he’s going to pay someone else to do it."

"This car's awesome," Eddie said. "Look at the cool steering wheel and that Mustang emblem!"

"Yeah, it’s nice." Carlos imagined driving Eddie to high school and giving him a big wet French kiss when they arrived.

"I have to pee," Eddie abruptly said. He stepped away from the Mustang, pulled down his swimsuit, and peed on a dead tumbleweed. Then, Carlos had to urinate; he did so standing right next to Eddie, so he could admire Eddie’s penis. Luckily, there was a tall wall around the neighbor’s property, so no one could see them.

"Do you want to see how far down my asshole is compared to yours?" Carlos asked pretending to be serious. He added, "Do you?"

"What?" Eddie asked, with a puzzled frown. "Say that again."

"My asshole is farther down than yours. Because, I'm half Hispanic. See," Carlos explained as he pulled his suit to his ankles and squatted a little, spreading his ass cheeks. "See. Look!" He hoped this would work; he hoped it would make Eddie want to make love to him.

"I don’t see anything different."

"Oh. Okay," Carlos said as his anus tingled and he wanted Eddie to make love to him. Carlos slid his suit back up and led Eddie into the backyard, inside the wall surrounding the pool. Then, he removed his suit and dove in the deep end. Once he surfaced, he saw that Eddie had removed his suit and jumped in, too.

As they swam, Carlos told a joke. "There was this prostitute. A girl, who slept with this man, and she only spoke German. As he fucked her, she kept on saying something in German, but he didn’t know German. The man kept fucking her and she continued to say it. The man assumed that she was telling him how she was feeling great. One day, while the man was golfing with his boss, he got a hole in one. Excited, the man said what the girl had told him. His boss scratched his head and looked at him, puzzled. And then he replied, "What do you mean, wrong hole?"

While Eddie was laughing, Carlos swam closer to him and tapped Eddie’s penis with his hand pretending it was an accident, hoping Eddie would have sex with him.

Eddie was still laughing. "You mean, he fucked her up the ass?" He smiled at Carlos.

"Fuck me," Carlos suddenly said. "Fuck me, up my ass." He was throbbing for Eddie’s body.

Eddie laughed.

Carlos swam to the shallow end. "See, I’m horny," he said, masturbating and laughing.

Eddie just laughed, so Carlos stopped.

The boys swam for a while and took turns diving off the board. Then, Eddie sat on the top step in the shallow end. Carlos sat next to him.

"What are you looking for in a lover?" Carlos suddenly asked him. "Do you want a blonde, like you, or would you like someone Hispanic? Or maybe black or Asian? Or Native American? I really love blond hair and blue eyes, but other people are attractive, also."

"I love dark hair, and brown eyes are nice. I love them . . . and the people they belong to," Eddie said with a big smile. He glanced down and saw Carlos’s erection in the water.

Carlos was about to go inside and masturbate to his thoughts about Eddie, but before he could, Eddie playfully grabbed Carlos and pulled him down the steps into the pool. Carlos loved feeling Eddie hold him from behind and splay his hands over his chest and stomach. They drifted to the deep end, where Eddie let go and swam away, wanting Carlos to chase after him.

Carlos said, "See. I’m not gay!"

Eddie just smiled at Carlos as he swam away. Then he stopped and splashed water in Carlos’s direction. He suddenly started chasing Carlos. Once he reached him in the shallow end, Carlos got onto Eddie’s shoulders, holding his penis so it wouldn’t touch Eddie’s neck or head. Then, Eddie walked toward the deep end and dumped Carlos into the water, laughing and giggling.

"Let’s get out for a while. Come and put your shoes back on and leave your swimsuit off. I have an idea. It’ll be interesting," Carlos said.

"Okay." Eddie smiled.

Carlos and Eddie sat down at the lawn table. "How about we celebrate school being out by . . . running naked down my driveway and around the cars that stop at the stop sign?" Carlos asked.

"What? Dude, that’s weird."

"How about it?" Carlos asked. "Let’s do it. Just once, so we have something fun to do."

"All right," Eddie said slowly. "But would your mom come home for any reason?"

"No. She never comes home without telling us in advance and calling to remind me."

"Okay. But, what about the neighbors telling your parents?" Eddie played with his erect penis and rubbed his testicles waiting for a reply. Carlos felt his stomach tingle. He enjoyed watching Eddie touch himself and wanted to be submissive and give Eddie oral sex, right now.

"We practically don't even know them. Dude. They won't tell."

There was a row of tall bushes on one side of the driveway along the neighbor’s yard, just after the stop sign.

"Let's hide over there," Carlos suggested. "And then, when someone comes along, we jump out and run around their car, completely, to make sure they see us. And don’t chicken out," he added. He wanted to see if Eddie would be submissive to him. That way, he would have an idea of what Eddie would do when he made his move later, when they were alone.

"Let’s go now," Carlos said.

They stood along the row of bushes, waiting. The sight of Eddie's ass made him throb. He imagined making love to him, right now, outside in the warm sun.

They waited. And waited. And waited. And then, they heard someone riding a bicycle.

Chapter 4

Carlos peeked through the bushes. "Go! Now!" he exclaimed.

They ran out into the street in front of two eleven-year-old boys slowly riding their bicycles. Carlos and Eddie stopped in front of the boys just long enough to see their surprised faces and smiles. Then, they ran up the driveway, back to the house. They could hear the boys’ giggles and laughter.

"Awesome. Two naked teenagers," one boy said to the other. "I can’t believe they were naked!"

Then, they rode on their way.

Carlos regretted exposing himself in the front yard and in the street. What would happen if a police car drove by? Carlos thought not wanting his parents to find out. They went into the backyard. He told Eddie, "Let me see your asshole."

"Okay," Eddie said, squatting a little and spreading his ass.

Carlos realized that Eddie was no longer questioning him.

"Okay. Now, I see. We’re the same."

"You thought we’d be different?"


Eddie stood back upright.

Now, Carlos wanted to make love more than ever.

"Let’s go inside. I have something to show you. You’ll love it," Carlos promised. "Have you ever watched a porno movie?" He led the way inside.

"Yeah, last summer where I used to live, at my best friend’s house. We loved watching it."

"My parents have one I want you to watch. It’s weird, but there’s sex, oral sex, and lesbians."

As they walked down the long hallway to Carlos’s parents’ bedroom, his penis was throbbing. Once they entered the room, he said, "Let’s have fun."

"Okay," Eddie said. "You mean jack-off?"

"No. I mean us, having sex." Even though he was speaking the truth, he rolled his eyes and smirked to make Eddie believe he wasn’t serious. I hope he's gay, Carlos wished, I want to fuck and right now, he thought. His penis throbbed so much that it hurt.

"Please, dude," Eddie shook his head, making Carlos believe he wasn’t interested. Carlos's stomach sank. Carlos felt disappointed he'd not be able to lose his virginity to the boy he loved.

Carlos opened his father’s armoire and pulled out a VHS tape. Then, he reached into a large box, handed Eddie a condom, and grabbed one for himself, too.

"Café Flesh," Carlos said. Then, he had another idea: maybe Eddie really was gay or bisexual. Maybe he was just afraid to have gay sex because of society’s view of homosexuality.

Carlos led the way to his own bedroom and played the video on his VCR. He grabbed the remote and unwound the cord attaching it to the VCR. Then the boys sat next to each other on his bed still naked. They placed the condoms on Carlos’s pillow.

"All right," Eddie said.

Chapter 5

Carlos played Café Flesh, even though it wasn’t wound to the beginning; he didn’t want to waste time. Two girls gave each other oral sex on a stage in a café, while the customers at the cafe watched. One girl wore a sailor’s hat, and the other wore a futuristic army uniform vest.

"Look. They’re fingering each other. This makes me want to fuck everything that moves," Carlos said, smiling as he noticed that Eddie’s eyes were glued to the screen.

Eddie looked at Carlos as Carlos watched the movie.

"Fuck them. Do it. Do it now. You want them," Carlos said glancing at Eddie as Eddie stared at the screen.

Eddie smiled at Carlos for a second. "The sailor is mine, dude. I want to see white stuff flying everywhere and then give them a golden shower."

Carlos thought that remark was being disrespectful toward women. But he knew Eddie was just trying to act macho and show off.

As Eddie stroked himself slowly, Carlos felt his stomach sink to the bottom of the ocean. "Are you a virgin?"


"Eddie. Are you gay?" Carlos stroked himself slowly, looking into Eddie’s handsome blue eyes.

Eddie stood.

Carlos’s anus whirled with delight as he knelt on the carpet and gave Eddie oral sex. . . .


Carlos felt his heart tingle with love. He put on the lubricated condom. Then, Eddie got on all fours on Carlos’s bed. . . .


Carlos was no longer a virgin. He smiled as he hugged Eddie from behind, tight.


About the Story:

High school is finally out for the summer. Fifteen-year-old, bisexual Carlos falls in love with Eddie, a cute muscular boy and new friend. What mischief and mayhem do the boys cause?

About the Author:

Naked Club: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story is the author’s third gay romance. Maxwell lives in the southwestern United States. To find out more about the author, please visit