Naked Aphrodites: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story


Thirteen-year-old, bisexual Brian falls in love with Curtis, the really cute boy down the street. Does Curtis fall for Brian?


Naked Aphrodites
A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story

By Maxwell Carlsen

Copyright 2018 Maxwell Carlsen
Cover Photograph Credit: jhandersen/

Chapter 1


Thirteen-year-old, handsome Curtis sat next to his best friend, Brian, also thirteen, on the school bus on the ride home. In a week, seventh grade would be out for the summer.

He’s so cute. Brian knew he was bisexual. Brian had fallen in love. His chest tingled, and his stomach quivered with delight. He felt lighter than air. Curtis’s blue eyes were so beautiful, and he was so cute, even cuter than Robbie, the handsome muscular boy Brian had been admiring in the gym locker room. Brian wanted to hug and kiss Curtis right now, but how could he, with the kids on the bus? And he didn't even know if Curtis was gay.

He smiled as he glanced at Curtis, revealing his braces. Brian couldn’t wait to see Curtis’s feet this summer—he had seen them when they'd swum at Curtis’s house in the past, but he hadn't been attracted to Curtis then.

"In Octopussy," Curtis explained as the bus reached a stoplight, "James Bond is in Cuba in the beginning, and there’s even someone who plays Castro, you know."

Brian smiled at Curtis’s cute way of talking; he sounded so immature, but adorable, just like an angel. "The country Bond starts off in isn’t specified," Brian told him. "It’s supposed to be just some country in Latin America, like Cuba. The character that looks like Castro wears a hat that looks similar to the ones the real Castro wears. And the flags aren’t of a real Latin-American country. They are made up. I know, because I checked my atlas," Brian explained. They had watched the movie last summer at the theater, and Brian's mom had rented it on VHS and they'd watched it again last weekend.

Curtis chuckled and asked, "I'm impressed with your knowledge, I could kiss you. Would you kiss me, if I was gay?"

"Why, of course. A huge French kiss," Brian said using a girl's voice with a grin, wishing he really could. Even though he pretended to be joking, his stomach twisted and turned as he noticed boys looking at him out of the corner of his eye. People in the eighties weren't comfortable with homosexuality.

"Good. I’ll hold you to it."

"Anytime, cutie," Brian said still using a girl's voice with a grin.

"Let’s butt fuck," Curtis continued bantering. "Right now!" He looked at the kids around him, giggling and laughing at his remarks. "We’re butt buddies!"

"I could be a gay James Bond, butt fucking handsome young men all the time, after foiling the KGB," Brian suggested.

"Okay. I’d be your nemesis. A gay KGB operative who longs to make passionate love to 007, and does, in the end—if you get my pun," Curtis said.

"All right. That’s enough gay for today," Brian said casting a nervous glance at the other kids. He smiled at his friend. He was really looking forward to spending time with Curtis over the summer.

"Hold on. We can call our debut Octopenis, after Octopussy. How about that?" Curtis laughed. "We’ll be world-famous gay lovers."

"I’ll be agent 0010, for ten inches, and you’ll be KGB operative Len, named after Lenin. And you’ll be wanted by MI6 and the CIA for starting the Cold War," Brian said.

"We’ll make our countries end the Cold War and create world peace, until the sequel, where we have to stop the hot war between free and communist countries," Curtis said, making Brian laugh.

"You’ll have a vibrator with a hammer and sickle sticker on the tip, and I’ll have a red, white, and blue one with an eagle," Brian said.

"Suck my face. Dude," Curtis said with a smirk, "do it, bro. Do it."

"Let’s touch tongues," Brian replied, sticking his tongue out at him as the boys around them giggled.

"Okay." Curtis stuck his tongue out, "We’ll pitch our idea to Spielberg—oh, man!" Curtis was interrupted because the bus arrived at his stop. "Later, dude." Curtis gave Brian the sign of the horns. "Later, bro."

"I love you," Brian said as he was leaving, and everyone laughed. "I love you," Brian said and blew him a kiss. He really wanted to be his lover.

"Fag-gots! Fag-gots! Fag-gots!" Curtis chanted, turning his head left and right, joking with the kids around him.

Chapter 2

One Week Later

School was finally over for the summer. Brian squinted in the bright Arizona desert sunshine as he rode his light blue Diamondback mountain bicycle to Curtis’s house down the street. Sweat dripped from his brown hair. He had a surprise for Curtis, which he was hiding under his tucked-in AC/DC shirt. In the basket on the back of his bike, he had a red rose from his mother’s garden; it was for Curtis’s eleven-year-old sister, Zoe. Zoe had a close relationship with her brother and had told him that she had never been given a flower by a boy, except by her dad and granddad, and Brian wanted to be the first. But the real reason he was going over was to see the boy he loved.

At Curtis’s house, Brian held the rose and kept the surprise hidden under his shirt, so Zoe wouldn’t see. He knocked on the kitchen door.

"Howdy," Curtis answered, gesturing for Brian to come in. Brian’s heart fluttered when he saw Curtis’s handsome baby blue eyes and beautiful face. Brian loved the way Curtis looked in his Pac-Man shirt. Brian moved the rose behind his back as he entered the kitchen; Zoe was on the kitchen phone. The cool air inside was a relief on his skin.

Curtis and Zoe’s parents were doctors at the Tucson Medical Center and worked until seven. They wouldn't have time off for days, which meant the boys were left to their own devices.

"Oh, oh, oh. Do tell me about your new vibrator," Curtis joked, talking in a girl’s voice to Zoe as she twisted her finger around the cord and confabbed with her best friend, Michelle.

"Shut up," she replied.

Brian walked toward her and held out the rose.

"Oh, for me? Thank you!" she dropped the phone on the kitchen counter, taking the rose and hugging Brian from his side. "Thank you, sweetheart!"

Brian turned so she couldn’t tell he was hiding something under his shirt. "You’re welcome, Zoe."

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked. "I’m available," she whispered. Then she tilted her head and batted her eyes at Brian.

"Sorry, but I like a girl at school." It was a lie, but not entirely, because the girl he was talking about was a total babe.

"Okay," Zoe said. Then she continued talking to Michelle. "A really cute guy just gave me a rose!"

Curtis led the way to his bedroom.

Brian quickly ran his fingers through Curtis’s sandy-blond hair, making it a mess, as they reached his room.

"Flirt," Curtis said, nudging Brian’s arm hard in order to make him quit.

Brian was submissive because he was in love. He didn’t nudge Curtis back. Instead, he tilted his head because he felt love in his chest for Curtis.

Curtis assumed Brian was weak. Why wouldn't Brian nudge him back as he used to? Curtis wondered and thought peculiar.

Chapter 3

Curtis closed his bedroom door and turned with a big smile.

From under his shirt, Brian pulled out the sweat-covered magazine, a new Stag. "I bought it from Robbie, after gym, for ten dollars.
Awesome, isn’t it?" Brian exclaimed. Already, his shorts were tenting. Before Curtis could answer, he warned, "We’ll keep it at your house, but I don’t want any holes in it. It cost me ten dollars—four weeks' allowance." He hoped he’d get to use it and fantasize about sex, too, with Curtis.

"Okay, don't worry. I'll take care of it."

Curtis’s angel eyes lit up as they looked through the magazine at the naked women.

"This gives me a boner," Curtis explained, adjusting his shorts. "I’d love to fuck, like right now. I want my piece of her ass," he said. "Look! She’s wearing crotchless panties."

He was turning Brian on. Every word made Brian want to have sex with him. "What do you think about sodomy?" he asked. "About butt fucking a girl?"

"I’d do it," Curtis said. ‘It’d make me feel great, but I don’t know how it’d make her feel. I’d love it if a girl would like that," he said. "I’d do it right now."

"I would, too," Brian said with a smile. He was dying to have Curtis as his lover. Curious as to how Curtis would reply, Brian looked at a close-up of a woman’s crotch and said, "Fags like other guys’ assholes. They want to fuck them. That’s what Daniel told me." Daniel was Brian’s sixteen-year-old brother.

"Is he still dating that Babe?" Curtis asked, "Is he?"


"Fags love to butt fuck other dudes and give and receive blow jobs, and be in love with really cute guys," Curtis said.

His words made Brian wonder if Curtis might be gay. What would happen if Brian made his move? He had to be careful. However, he had a plan.

"Look at that pussy," Curtis said, moving his hips forward and back. "Beautiful."

Just the sight of him made the soles of Brian's feet tingle with delight. It was time to test him. "Curtis. Let’s go in the bathroom and jack off."

"You’d like that, to watch me masturbate," he said. "It’d be fun, but Zoe’s here."

Then, there was a knock at the door. Curtis shoved the magazine under his mattress. "Come in," he said, sitting on his bed and removing his shoes.

Brian’s heart stumbled as he saw Curtis’s bare feet. Brian wanted to touch and caress them and show Curtis how much he loved him.

Zoe looked at Brian. "Michelle’s coming over tomorrow. We’re gonna swim. If you’d like, you can swim with us tomorrow." She really wanted him to be her boyfriend. "Michelle likes you," she added, giggling, and then left.

"Oh, she’s too young," Brian called after Zoe as she walked down the hallway and into the family room. Michelle was eleven, like Zoe.

He turned around and saw Curtis smirking at him.

Chapter 4

"Let’s have a sex talk," Brian said, "about what we like."

Curtis was getting harder at the idea of this talk.

Brian added, "Let's talk about what we’re attracted to."


"I really love bare feet, especially a person’s soles. I don’t know why, but I do. Do you?"

"Yes, a little."

"I want to be with someone, and they don’t know it," Brian admitted. I hope Curtis is either gay or bi, Brian thought. "Let’s see," Brian said because his stomach was being wrung out like a sopping wet bath towel. "Let’s see," he said holding Curtis’s hand and smiling at him. His stomach dropped to the center of the earth for several seconds as he held Curtis’s hand.

Curtis smiled. He didn’t know how to reply, so he kissed Brian’s cheek.

Filled with love, Brian hugged Curtis, squeezing him tight, making Brian’s chest tingle. Then he locked his fingers with Curtis’s fingers. Brian slowly kissed Curtis’s lips.

Suddenly, the telephone rang. Curtis jumped up and went into the kitchen to answer it. Brian happily followed. He felt relieved.

Chapter 5

"Can Brian spend the night?" Curtis asked his mother over the telephone. "Please?"

"I can’t." Brian explained, "I’ve got a dental appointment early tomorrow."

"Oh, never mind," Curtis said into the phone. "All right, Mom. Bye-bye." He hung up. "This sucks," he said, "Maybe you can spend the night tomorrow. And we can swim," Curtis said, revealing his nice white teeth.

"All right; I’ll ask."

"Why wait? Let’s swim now," Curtis said, hoping to see more of Brian’s body. He knew that Brian felt the same about him.

"Okay, but I’ll have to get my suit."

"You can borrow one of mine," Curtis said as he roved his eyes over Brian. "It should fit."

Brian followed Curtis to his room.

Curtis smiled as he locked the door.

Then, they watched each other undress. Curtis and Brian were well into puberty. Brian loved looking at Curtis’s hard penis, which angled to the left. Curtis loved Brian’s penis, which was about the same length as his. Both boys had been circumcised. Brian could feel the soles of his feet tingling as Curtis took out two swimsuits. The boys giggled at each other after dressing. Zoe saw them walk past her bedroom and got on her suit, too. Then the boys put on sunscreen and went into the pool.

Curtis swam up to Brian in the shallow end, and they wrestled. Brian pulled Curtis into a headlock and made him beg to be released.
"Say it: I suck big dicks," Brian demanded, laughing. "Say it!"

"You suck big dicks," Curtis said, smiling.

Brian tightened his grip as Zoe came out and put on sunscreen. "Say that you suck big dicks," he ordered.

"I suck on big dicks."

Brian said, "Say that you’re a fag."

"I’m a faggot."

Then Brian ordered, "Say that you want to suck my dick."

"I really want to suck your penis."

"How gay," Zoe said walking to the pool, frowning. "Are you two gay?"

"No," they lied, hoping she’d accept them as they both worried about their sexuality.

Finally, Brian released his grip and giggled.

"I’m a sea scorpion," Curtis said. He got out of the pool to get a raft from a small storage shed.

"There’s no such thing as a sea scorpion," Brian explained.

"I made it up. It’s my invention."

Brian and Curtis got onto the raft, with Curtis sitting right in front of Brian. A slight breeze drifted over them; it felt cool in the hot Arizona summer sun.

Brian and Curtis moved up and down, making the water so rough that it splashed out of the pool.

"Let’s dive off the board," Curtis suggested.

"Okay." Brian followed him.

Zoe sat on the seat in the side of the pool in the deep end, next to the filter, and watched Brian do a belly flop. Then, Curtis did a cannonball.

The boys wrestled again, until their legs were tired from swimming so much. By this time, Brian was holding Curtis in another headlock in the shallow end. Brian flirted by pushing his hips against Curtis’s backside, pushing Curtis forward. Curtis giggled in response. Then, Curtis lay on the raft on his stomach, revealing the soles of his feet. Brian felt his chest tingle with pure excitement as he swam behind Curtis and gazed at his soles. Curtis was the epitome of the most handsome male ever, and his soles were equally as handsome to Brian. If Zoe hadn't been there, he would have given Curtis a foot massage. Why couldn’t they be all alone?
Eventually, it was time for Brian to go home for dinner. The boys locked themselves in Curtis’s bedroom and undressed. Brian held Curtis’s hand as they stood in front of the large mirror.

"Handsome young men," Curtis said, making Brian even harder and have sexual feelings.

Then they dressed, and Brian rode his bike home. He couldn’t wait to see Curtis again!

Meanwhile, Curtis went into the bathroom and fantasized about having sex with Brian.

Chapter 6

In the morning as soon as he got home from his dental appointment, Brian rode his bike to Curtis’s house. He was wearing his swimsuit and an old t-shirt. He giggled to himself as he wondered what was on Curtis’s mind. Did Curtis love him, too? Did Curtis regret what had occurred yesterday?

At Curtis’s house, Brian knocked on the door. Curtis answered. "My mom and dad are at work," Curtis said wanting to see if Brian was as happy to see him as he was to see Brian, "Michelle's coming over, soon." Brian and Curtis each felt their hearts tingle with love.

"Let’s swim," Curtis said. He and Brian each put on sunscreen and jumped into the pool. Zoe changed into her suit and anxiously awaited inside for Michelle to arrive.

On his stomach, Curtis floated on a raft and hung his feet over the edge in the air. Brian pulled the raft out of view from the sliding door and held Curtis’s feet in the shallow end, making his heart flutter and his soles tingle.

"Give me a massage," Curtis whispered.

Brian massaged Curtis's soles. Brian felt his penis start to throb. Brian's heart beat quickly feeling love for Curtis and Brian's stomach felt like a million butterflies that were going to explode any second. He knew he was bi, but he was curious whether Curtis was bi or gay. Brian’s anus tingled making Brian want Curtis right now to sodomize him.

Brian savored rubbing Curtis’s feet. He pressed against Curtis’s arch, toes, and heel, all of which made Brian feel very horny and in love. His feet were so handsome: the darker flesh on his heels and balls of his feet, and the few wrinkles when Curtis curled his toes in delight. Brian also admired Curtis’s toes and ankles. Curtis had the time of his life.

The slider suddenly flung open, and Brian's hands froze. Zoe and Michelle came out.

"Howdy," Curtis said, making the sign of the horns. Brian gave a quick wave.

"He’s the first boy to give me a flower." Zoe smiled at Brian. "Isn’t he a sweetheart?"

"He’s cute, too," Michelle piped up, making Brian blush. "Why don’t you give me a flower?"

"Okay," Brian said. "Maybe later. I’d give you one now, but there are none around."

"Thank you, sweetie," Michelle said, making Brian harder than ever because a girl wanted a flower from him. He knew he was bi, for certain, but he only wanted to be with Curtis.

"Let’s swim naked," Zoe said. "Then, we can all be free." She really just wanted to see Brian naked. "Let’s do it," she added, when no one responded, "so we can all be best friends."

Curtis slid off the raft into the shallow end, and he and Brian removed their suits, throwing them on the concrete walkway around the pool. Then, Zoe and Michelle did the same thing while standing on the walkway. Brian stared at them, and Curtis stared at Michelle. Then, the girls jumped in, the cool water soothing their hot bodies.

Zoe felt comfortable being naked with her brother, because they had often been naked around each other while growing up.
Michelle's stomach twisted and turned, but she felt comfortable once she got into the water.

Brian throbbed, mostly because of Curtis, but also because he loved seeing the girls’ bodies.

Zoe and Michelle whispered to each other before turning to the boys. "I want you to fuck me," Zoe said, giggling at Brian.

Brian scratched his head, thinking about it.

"We are in junior high, and you are still in elementary school. You are too young for sex," Curtis snapped, defending his sister.

"Okay." Brian squeezed his mouth closed.

Zoe and Michelle giggled to each other. "Maybe some other time," Zoe said batting her eyes at Brian.

"Maybe, when you're old enough," Curtis said wanting his sister to be an honorable female.

Zoe and Michelle made waves on the raft until the pool water splashed out of the pool.

Zoe wanted Brian’s lips on her mouth. She couldn't wait another minute. "Brian, kiss me. Teach me how to kiss," Zoe asked, hoping he’d French kiss her.

"No!" Curtis said, making Brian blush.

"I am gay," Brian said with a straight face, making up his mind to be honest. "I’m bisexual, like David Bowie." Brian was curious as to how the girls would react to his sexuality. He wanted to have Curtis as his true boyfriend and wanted Zoe to know he loved her brother.

Zoe and Michelle's jaws dropped to the bottom of the pool.

"Seriously? We won’t tell anyone," Zoe promised.

"I'll keep it a secret. I won't tell," Michelle said hoping Brian wouldn't be picked on.

"Please don’t. Okay? Please?" Brian asked very nicely. He had visions of being beaten up and ostracized at school. Daniel had told him about a gay boy in high school that had to drop out because he came out and was beaten up and threatened by other boys who were extremely intolerant.

"We won’t," Michelle replied.

"I'll keep quiet," Zoe promised.

"I’m gay, too," Curtis said, making up his mind to be honest with his sister. He looked directly at her. "But don’t tell anyone."

"You two are dating?" Zoe asked, making her brother blush. When they didn't reply, she prodded, "Are you?"

"Kind of," Brian said, smiling, which made Curtis blush even more.

"I knew you two were gay," Zoe announced. "I just could tell," she added, making Curtis’s stomach stop turning because his sexuality wasn't a complete surprise to her.

The gang had fun swimming until it was time for Brian and Michelle to go home for dinner. But Brian would be coming back over to spend the night.

Chapter 7

That evening, Brian rode his bicycle to Curtis’s house. He had another plan. He was bringing something with him, which was hidden in his backpack, along with fresh clothes and his toothbrush.

Brian, Curtis, and Zoe played two games of Monopoly until bedtime. Brian and Curtis each won once. It was almost eleven-thirty when everyone went to bed. Curtis and Brian were allowed to stay up later in Curtis’s room if they were quiet.

Curtis locked the door, and the boys changed into their boxers. A moment later, they French kissed and hugged. It was their first French kiss with anyone. Curtis wanted to be with Brian forever. Brian wanted to be with Curtis.

Curtis pulled off his boxers, and Brian did the same.

Curtis lay on his bed on his stomach as Brian massaged Curtis’s feet as Brian sat at the foot of Curtis's bed. Brian loved Curtis so much; he wanted Curtis to be his only lover. Brian kissed each sole several times, making his heart and soles tingle. His anus whirled so much that he really wanted to get on all fours and spread for Curtis right then. Brian moved one of Curtis’s feet over the side of the bed and rubbed his penis against Curtis’s sole.

"Do your feet feel good and loved?" Brian asked, hoping Curtis would return the favor and rub his feet.


Brian and Curtis stood when Brian was finished. Brian reached into his bag and pulled out the magic marker he had brought.

"I am very much in love with you," he said quietly. "Let’s be lovers."

"All right. I'm in love, too," Curtis said.

"Look," Brian said as he colored the tip of his penis.

"I’ll do it, too." Curtis smirked and took the marker, mirroring Brian's actions. Then, Curtis and Brian admired their handsome bodies in the mirror.

"We love each other," Curtis said, holding Brian’s hand, "Please, love me," he said, holding Brian’s hand a little tighter. "Please."

"I do love you." Brian hugged Curtis tight.

Curtis pulled out of the embrace and took two blue hair ties out of the top drawer of his dresser.

"I got these from Zoe," he said. "Here." He handed one to Brian. "Put one on your wrist." Within a heartbeat, both of them were wearing a band on their wrist.

"This symbolizes us," Curtis said. "I love you." He batted his eyes and tilted his head. "Very much," he added, hugging Brian.

"I’m in love with you, too," Brian replied, hugging back. He wanted them to be together forever.

Brian stepped back and held his erect penis. "Let’s jack off," he said, making sure to keep his voice down.


Brian and Curtis got onto their knees facing each other, and Curtis finished first, leaving Brian to wonder if he wanted to have actual sex.

But Brian didn't think he should right now. Maybe, in high school, he thought. He took his time finishing, and Curtis watched every move. Curtis watched in awe!

About the Story:

For mature readers, 18 years and older. Thirteen-year-old, bisexual Brian falls in love with Curtis, the really cute boy down the street. Does Curtis fall for Brian?

About the Author:

Naked Aphrodites: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story is the author’s second gay romance. Maxwell lives in the southwestern United States. To find out more about the author, please visit