Gay Coming-of-Age Love Stories: Jeremy and Me / Noah and Me / Simon and Me


Jeremy and Me: High school is almost out for winter break. Fifteen-year-old Robbie has the hots for blue-eyed Jeremy, the handsome boy with cute dimples, whom he doesn’t know very well. How will Robbie find love and have his first gay experience?

Noah and Me: Sixteen-year-old, bisexual Todd falls madly in love with Noah, the cute boy in Free Enterprise class whom he doesn’t know very well. What happens when Noah invites Todd to his house for the afternoon? Does Todd find love?

Simon and Me: Fifteen-year-old Jayden knows for certain that he’s gay. Ever since moving to upstate New York, he has had a major crush on Simon, a handsome, dark-haired, blue-eyed boy who lives right next door. What happens when Jayden hosts a sleepover in his secluded backyard tree house?